#Padfield Porkies, Marlborough, Wilts

Back to my hometown now, if I’m looking for a good Full English Breakfast, it would have to be Padfield Porkies

Content; 2xbacon, 1xSausage, 1xfried egg, beans, mushrooms and toast (thick slices)

Everytime I order Full English breakfast with fried egg. Not too greasy, good portion. The Bacon and sausage are completely fresh which helps being locally produced, the beans are just the right temperature, Fried egg free of grease, toast nice and thick, Brown & Red sauce really strong in flavour. Also this time I ordered coffee, which came with a biscuit, little things make a difference.

Fair price not too expensive.

Pleasant atmosphere with good customer service and cosy feel with plenty of light, excellent location (best parking in  Waitrose car park)

Would definitely Recommend to anyone looking for a good breakfast in Marlborough.

Hilliers Yard, MARLBOROUGH, Wiltshire, SN8 1BE



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