#Wheafsheaf Inn,Northleach, Glos

Ordered full English breakfast with  poached egg with the option of scrambled or fried . I love this, the chance of choice.

Waiting time for this epic breakfast was good, not too long approx 15mins.

Contents: 2xpoached eggs  1x bacon, 1xsausage, 1xmushroom, 1xfried bread, 1xfried tomatoe and black pudding

The breakfast arrived nicely sized in portion. The poached egg was very well boiled with runny centre, the bacon and sausage were flavoursome. Only thing missing toast, I love finishing breakfast with marmalade and toast.

Pleasant location, with good customer service. Only issue breakfast finishing at 10am, not ideal if you want couple extra hours in bed. 

Definitely recommend, for fine dining at breakfast 😀